Thursday, 5 March 2015

whispers of spring

Our prayer flags in the breeze

I hung laundry out on the line yesterday. The first time since November. A sure sign that Spring is coming!

I do love Winter, and really don't want to rush it.... but.... I do so love hanging laundry out!

The above freezing temperatures accompanied with a light breeze and sunny skies couldn't have come at a better time because everyone (except me) woke up yesterday morning, sick with the flu.


I really don't enjoy cleaning (passionately despise it...). However, one must have some standards, so unless company is coming, illness in my house is the only other circumstance when I really give my house a good clean from top to bottom. And I mean thorough! If I have to throw all my daydreaming and tinkering aside for cleanliness, then I'm going to give it all I've got!

It might take me more than one day to really do the job to my satisfaction, but my first steps include windows getting opened wide; clutter reduced; floors and surfaces gone over and most of all - laundry, laundry, laundry!

If my loves aren't feeling well enough to get outside (and I can't go out because I have to tend to them...), then I do all I can to bring the outside in! Even though they might have to be under a pile of blankets and sleeping bags to stay warm, I make sure the cool, fresh, clean air touches everything in my house to "get rid of those germs" and coax those congested sinuses and lungs to get better fast! It makes for a lot of complaining and grumpy sickies, but mama knows best!

Last load of the day. Our dog Taiga in the background on the peak of our tallest snowbank.
When I went out to the porch to hang that first load, I quickly learned that I was going to have to be strategic in my hanging. The snow piles under the line are extremely high this year and that meant I had to pretty much double-up every long item or it would be dragging in the snow. It also meant that I couldn't put out a full line. So, I just hung out a load and then brought it down off the line to make room for the next load.

Some of the chickens venturing out into the driveway to soak up those last rays of sunlight on this glorious day of mild weather.

I admit that on the best late-winter laundry days, conditions are so nice that I would rather be outside going for a walk with the dogs; watching the day's farm animal antics or sitting down by the fire with some form of wool in my hands and a coffee by my side.... but..... there is something about the laundry and the act of hanging it on the line that keeps me on task. I know my work will be rewarded at the end of the day.

After all the sheets, pillow cases and quilts are brought in off the line, I give them a fluff and a tad more drying time in the dryer with a couple of wool balls to relax them just a bit then make everyone's beds. Despite how miserable and grouchy everyone was from missing out on such a nice day, they all fell asleep quickly and, I think, more soundly in their fresh-air scented beds.

You can't bottle that smell.

The smell of Home...

The smell of the breeze inviting you to be well and peaceful....

The smell of Spring....just around the corner....


  1. Oh my goodness, I wish I had gotten laundry out on the line yesterday. It makes such a huge difference. I don't generally mind winter but this has been a doozy and it almost seemed tropical at +3! I can only hope we get more mild days soon. Hope your brood is feeling better soon.

  2. Nothing better than fresh sheets from the line. Unfortunately, I haven't experienced that in way too long. May mild winds bring spring soon to your sweet farm.